Thursday, September 22, 2016

Alicia Terzian, Recipient of the MERCOSUR CULTURAL NETWORK Award!

PARMA artist, Alicia Terzian, was awarded the Mercosur Cultural Network award for her outstanding work in the field of creation as well as diffusion of contemporary music within Argentina and around the world!

Terzian studied at the National Conservatory of Music and Performing Arts of Buenos Aires where she graduated from piano in 1954, from composition in 1958 and with the First Prize and Gold Medal in 1959. Her career has brought her around the world as a performer, orchestra conductor, musicologist and as a diffusor of contemporary music.

Alicia Terzian will be accepting the Mercosur Cultural Network award Tuesday, September 27th  at 6.30pm in the Auditorium Santa Maria of Buenos Aires at the Bank of the City in Buenos Aires. There is no entrance fee. 

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