Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Instrument Spotlight: MARTY REGAN II

A few months ago, we shared some information on the Shakuhachi, a Japanese flute used for traditional and cultural Japanese music by PARMA composer Marty Regan.

Another instrument used by Regan's is the Koto (こと) - the national instrument of Japan.  The Koto comes in a variety of configurations (13, 17, 21, 25, and 30 string) and is shaped after a dragon, with various parts of the instrument being named after the creature (head and tail, for example).

Originating in China, the instrument is constructed from Paulowina wood with silk strings, moving bridges for tuning, and is adorned with ivory, ebony, tortoise shell, and metal figures.

The Koto creates wonderful tonality, especially over a full ensemble. Take a listen to Marty's 21-string Koto Concerto No. 2 here https://soundcloud.com/martyregan/21-string-koto-concerto-no-2

Check out Marty's other work with PARMA Recordings: FOREST WHISPERS and MAGIC MIRROR.

July 2013 Releases on Navona and Ravello Records

Today Navona Records releases four PARMA-produced albums: ARCHITECT, SHIFTING TREKS, VOICES OF EARTH & AIR, and GEURNICA. In addition, Ravello Records released two PARMA-produced albums: THRESHOLDS and MUSIC FROM 3 CONTINENTS. Click "Read more" for info on each release and links to the catalog pages on the label websites.

Monday, July 22, 2013

New Master Mondays

Welcome to the first in a series of weekly installments presenting the latest master recordings from PARMA Recordings.

Today, we present a sneak peek of the soon to be released project ROBERT DEGAETANO.  

This new release from concert pianist and composer Robert DeGaetano is a lush cross-section of virtuosic piano music which pairs Chopin’s Piano Concerto No.1 in E Minor and Mr. DeGaetano’s own Piano Concerto No.1 in a heart-stopping exhibition of balance and brilliance.

The much-loved and much-debated Chopin concerto was an early milestone in Mr. DeGaetano’s life. “Chopin wrote the E Minor Concerto when he was only eighteen years old and premiered it at nineteen. I strongly relate having learned it at approximately the same age. I remember that initial captivation, and I was so moved by its power and beauty,” says the now-seasoned performer recalling his studies at Juilliard.

About his own exuberant and powerful Concerto No.1, Mr. DeGaetano reveals, “Often my music will sound atonal. That is only because there are many tonal passages being played together, each offering their own information. It’s these varied resonances that interest me because they correspond to our contemporary world.”
We are pleased to feature the first 6 minutes of DeGaetano's Piano Concerto No. 1.  This recording is the culmination of 23 years of Robert's writing, performance, and perfection, and collaboration with PARMA to produce, record, edit, mix, and master a definitive representation of it's brilliance.  It is PARMA's great pleasure to be a part of sharing this important work with new listeners.

Be sure to purchase the album when it's released September 24th on Navona Records.  The physical album includes a DVD documentary of the life of the concerto and recording process.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Premiere - Lee Actor's Piano Concerto

On May 18th, PARMA Composer Lee Actor's Piano Concerto was premiered by the Peninsula Symphony Orchestra at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, CA featuring piano soloist Daniel Glover.

Feel free to check out video from the premiere below:

Lee lives in California and is a member of ASCAP, who recently named him the recipient of an ASCAPlus award for the 10th consecutive year.

Congratulations to Lee and make sure to check out his most recent work with PARMA Recordings - SAXOPHONE CONCERTO (http://www.leeactor.com/store.htm#CDs)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

PARMA Open House

Thank you to everyone who attended the PARMA Open House on July 9, 2013. We look forward to seeing you again at the 2013 PARMA Music Festival!


Monday, July 1, 2013

2013 PARMA Student Composer Competition Winners Announced

PARMA Recordings is proud to announce the nine winners and Grand Prize Winner of the second annual PARMA Student Composer Competition!

Tina Tallon
This year's competition will see Grand Prize Winner Tina Tallon's piece "selective defrosting" for string quartet performed at the PARMA Music Festival (August 15-17, Portsmouth NH). Ms. Tallon (b. 1990), a graduate of Brandeis University where she received a M.F.A. in Composition and Music Theory, will be attending UC San Diego this fall to pursue a Ph.D. in Composition. In addition to composing, Ms. Tallon is a soprano, violinist, and active participant in Boston's vibrant music scene. All ensemble, rehearsal, and publicity costs for Ms. Tallon's piece will be completely subsidized by PARMA.

Ms. Tallon and nine other winners will have their compositions published in the 2013 PARMA Anthology of Music. The Anthology is available to educators and performers, free of charge, and includes a browse by instrument feature, downloadable full scores and parts, liner notes, and composer biographies, all hosted online and formatted using PARMA's Enhanced Content.

Those winners include:

David Biedenbender - "Surface Tension" for string quartet
Nikolet Burzyńska - "Kango" for solo violin
Kai-Young Chan - "IGNIS FATUUS" for string quartet
Melody Eötvös - "Olber's Dance in the Dark" for string quartet
J. M. Gerraughty - "Unquiet" for string quartet
Anthony Green - "Chance" for string quartet
Joel Love - "Lux" for string quartet
Miguel Angel Bezanilla Naranjo - "Sollicitudo" for string quartet
Zackery Wilson - "A Soul Still Yearns" for string quartet

This year's competition has been a wonderful response following up to last year's competition. PARMA received hundreds of submissions which were reviewed, scored, and selected by an independent panel of judges. 2012's Grand Prize Winner, Quinn Dizon, had his piece "Awakening" for piano quartet recorded by PARMA and released on PERCEPTIONS (Navona Records).

PARMA would like to thank our judges Timothy A. Davis, Sergio Cervetti, and Alan Beeler, as well as all those who submitted works for this year's call for scores.

For updates, schedules, performer information, and a press release about the PARMA Music Festival, please visit the Festival's website or Facebook page.