Sunday, August 28, 2016

New PARMA Artist: Joyce Wai-chung Tang

Joyce Wai-chung Tang
PARMA is excited to announce that we'll be working with composer Joyce Wai-chung Tang on a new recording project.

Dr. Tang's music spans a wide array of genres and has been commissioned and performed by ensembles throughout the world, including the Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Trio Morisot, and the Korean Traditional Performing Arts Foundation, among many others.

We'll be hitting the studio with Dr. Tang in the Czech Republic next month to record her piano trio "Snowy Landscape" for an upcoming chamber compilation. In the meantime, check out her piece "Lineae" for string quartet and dancers on Vimeo below.

Welcome, Joyce!

Friday, August 26, 2016

New PARMA Artist: Brian Belet

Brian performing at KISS 2015 in Bozeman, MT
Composer, professor, and multi-instrumentalist Brian Belet has signed on to release an album of electro-acoustic chamber works with PARMA.

In addition to his primary work as an independent composer, Dr. Belet is currently a Professor of Music at San Jose State University.

Dr. Belet studied at the University of Illinois as a graduate student from 1982-1986 and earned his DMA in Musical Arts in Composition in 1990, including an emphasis on algorithmic composition and software synthesis.

Dr. Belet is a member of the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States [SEAMUS], Society of Composers, Inc. [SCI], and a charter member of the Electronic Music Foundation [EMF]. His research has been published in several publications including Contemporary Music Review and Perspectives of New Music, among others.

He is also a co-founder of  the ensemble SoundProof, where he works alongside violinist Patricia Strange and PARMA artist Stephen Ruppenthal on trumpet. With Soundproof, Dr. Belet plays bass, viola, and handles live computer processing including the Kyma sound design system.

Dr. Belet's album will be available on Ravello Records in 2017, but in the meantime his work can be heard on his website here. Welcome Brian!

Preview of PARMA's September 2016 Album Releases

We're excited to present seven new Navona and Ravello Records albums - street date: September 9th, 2016. Enjoy listening to the YouTube album previews to learn more about each of our upcoming releases.

Cicilia Yudha
Pre-order on iTunes

Pianist, chamber musician and educator Cicilia Yudha presents her Navona Records release SELECTED PIANO WORKS BY ROBERT CASADESUS AND HENRI DUTILLEUX, featuring her expertise as a solo pianist, as well as the exploration of the compositions of Robert Casadesus. Read More


Throughout history, musicians and activists have enlisted the power of music to connect us to the pressing issues of our times. The brainchild of physicist Robert Davies, THE CROSSROADS PROJECT comprises two performances, Rising Tide and Emergence, performed by the Fry Street Quartet in multi-disciplinary collaboration. Read More

David Tanner | Delvyn Case | L Peter Deutsch | James Shrader | Henry Wolking | Christopher J. Hoh | Phillip Rhodes | Timothy Lee Miller
Pre-order on iTunes

Navona Records is delighted to present DASHING, a festive album for the holiday season featuring brand new works and arrangements of holiday favorites by several outstanding composers, with performances by The Stanbery Singers, the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Salt Lake City Jazz Orchestra. Read More 


Navona’s latest compilation release, BETWEEN THE ECHOES, showcases selected recent chamber works, expressing the common theme of recollections and interpretations of past experiences. Moving across the spectrums of moods and dramatics, each piece brings a harmonic resolution to its soulful journey. This album joins multiple personalities in a collection of propulsive musical expression. Read More


Composer Lawrence Ball has long been fascinated by the intersection of subjective human emotion and algorithmic mathematical objectivity.  In his 2012 Navona Records release METHOD MUSIC, produced by Pete Townshend of The Who and PARMA Recordings CEO Bob Lord, he took Townshend’s long-gestating concept of automatic musical portraiture first explored in LIFEHOUSE and WHO’S NEXT and turned it into reality, creating a system which could translate personal information and experiences into sound. Read More


Composer and guitarist AndrĂ© M. Santos showcases his chamber works on his debut Ravello Records release SOUNDS OF A DIFFERENT UNIVERSE. Santos wrote each of the pieces featured on the album for fellow musicians and friends, resulting in a kaleidoscope of diverse personalities and styles. To this end, the sounds in his pieces indeed inhabit a different universe—his colorful chamber works bring together unexpected and intriguing combinations of instruments and timbres. Read More 


On his debut Ravello Records release ROSE, composer Michael Laurello offers a personal and refined style marked by rhythmic invention, visceral directness, and earnest emotional depth. His music reflects his diverse stylistic influences, which include Western classical music, jazz-fusion, progressive rock/metal, and EDM/IDM. Intricate polyrhythms, high-energy grooves, and a sophisticated harmonic palette are distinctive features of his music. Read More 

Patrick's Picks Vol. 2

With the summer winding down I realized that the last time I checked in via blog was just a week or two into my internship at PARMA. Since that time, I've become more familiar with our music catalog and it seemed like a good idea to update my initial "Patrick's Picks" playlist.

I've included the choice cut, "Marika Groove". This song is a composition by New England born jazz wizard Chick Corea. While he is most famous for playing keys with Miles Davis during his early electric period he shows his prowess as a composer in this track featuring marimba player Mika Yoshida.

Another track included on this list is a very creative cover by pianist Joel Goodfellow and percussionist Joe Porter. Their cover of the jazz classic 'Take Five', originally composed by Dave Brubeck is well worth a listen. 'Take Five' is probably most famous for its melody as well as the smooth saxophone style of Paul Desmond. But this track is a lesson in dynamics and showcases great interplay between percussion and piano.

I also included another song from that album because it's so good. 'The Ecstasy of Gold', much like 'Take Five' is an instantly recognizable instrumental track. Coming from the iconic Sergio Leone film 'The Good, The Bad and the Ugly', the song captures the sprawling desert and gritty characters the movie focuses on. The movie might be more known for Ennio Morricone's soundtrack work at this point in time, but the collaboration between Morricone and Leone is certainly a memorable one. Due to instrumentation and the jazz approach taken for the song, new life is brought to this classic composition. I would highly recommend checking out the rest of this album, "Detours" for another Ennio Morricone reworking and a few other surprise tracks.

Moving away from the jazz picks in this list you'll find Masatora Goya's moving song 'Sound of Life: IV. Acalanto'. The album it appears on, "Dream of Sailing" is inspired by the life and passing of Goya's father, Masahiro. His father was a marine engineer and spent extended periods of time at sea away from his family. Goya pays tribute to him on this record and reflects on his own life as well. The album is beautiful and uplifting, this track captures the sound of this powerful album perfectly.

I had a great summer working as an A&R intern at PARMA. With the internship coming to a close I will be riding off into the sunset listening to the likes of the great Ennio Morricone covers found on "Detours". However, as I transition into the fall semester I will be changing roles and working with the Marketing Department, so a part three to these playlists might pop up in the future.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

New PARMA Artist: Stephen Ruppenthal

Stephen Ruppenthal
PARMA is pleased to announce trumpeter Stephen Ruppenthal has signed on to release an album of world premiere recordings by composers Allen Strange, Brian Belet, Elainie Lillios, and Bruno Liberda with PARMA in 2017.

FLAMETHROWER: New Music for Trumpet/Flugelhorn and Interactive Electro-acoustics, is the product of close collaborations with each composer to create diverse, dynamic sonic palettes, and re-define an electro-acoustic space for trumpet/flugelhorn performance.

The resulting collection of new works, written for the performer, explores not only a vast gamut of extended techniques for the horns and voice, but uses a provocative and real-time interactive relationship with digital audio environments designed for creative sonic alteration orchestration in live performance, such as Kyma and MAX/MSP. FLAMETHROWER explores areas of the electro-acoustic avant garde, jazz, and ambient styles of contemporary music.

Stephen is a founding member of SoundProof, with violinist Patricia Strange, and composer, KYMA artist, and bassist Brian Belet, specializing in interactive, electro-acoustic performance. Stephen was also a founding member of the Electric Weasel Ensemble, with Allen Strange and Donald Buchla, and also performed with President’s Breakfast.

Stephen’s work with SoundProof can be found on their website. FLAMETHROWER will be available on Ravello Records in 2017 -- in the meantime, stay tuned for updates, and welcome Stephen!